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South Africa Trip Report and Many Pics…

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.


One of the things I didn’t necessarily want this blog to be was a day by day itinerary of what we did because normally I found the travel blogs I read that did this to be somewhat boring and more like reading a tour brochure than an experience of travel. That being said I do know that some of you may also want an idea of day to day what we did so I will try to do a shortened (??) rundown of each country and some of the things we did and enjoyed. Obviously I’m also catching up on my posts as we were in S. Africa in Sept. but just haven’t had the time or internet connection until now (resting in Thailand) Continue reading South Africa Trip Report and Many Pics…

1.3 Billion stories


As a mental health counselor, I work with people’s stories, their stories of life. I would often hear their unheard stories, stories of innocence, tragedy, love, abuse, and sometimes, if I was especially blessed, stories of transformation. Continue reading 1.3 Billion stories

Delhi, India – Part Two


The Lotus Temple at sunset

Our return trip to Delhi included a day tour of India Gate, The Palace of the President, and a recommended tour of the place of Gandhi’s death. Continue reading Delhi, India – Part Two

Pushkar, India – the camel festival and somethings gone missing


One entry in the "World's most beautiful camel" contest

Pushkar was our final destination in India for the famous camel festival. No cars are allowed in the town proper so Mr. Puri dropped us off at the hotel and we walked into the town to go to the famous Brahman temple (the only temple in India dedicated to the Hindu god Brahma or creator).

Continue reading Pushkar, India – the camel festival and somethings gone missing

Ranthanbore, India – Our quest for tigers


Will we see the owner of this???

We set off in search of tigers in Ranthanbore. After having been in South Africa I figured we needed to see tigers to go with our lions, elephants, etc! We had met an Englishman previously that had said he went for 2-3 safaris and saw nothing and frankly hadn’t enjoyed the experience all that much. After our amazing experience in S Africa, I was hesitant to leave this sort of taste in my safari mouth, but it would be cool to see tigers in the wild.

Continue reading Ranthanbore, India – Our quest for tigers

Ranakpur – our favorite Indian place??


After a brief scare in which our driver thought he had left his phone in Udaipur, we arrived at probably our favorite place in India – unfortunately only for a night. The hotel in Ranakpur was set in the forest with little quaint bungalows, very laid back and in nature.

Continue reading Ranakpur – our favorite Indian place??

Udaipur – 007 anyone?


Udaipur, site of the James Bond movie “Octopussy”, started with an amazing cultural show – which now I feel I can be an official judge of simply because every night we’ve seen similar cultural shows. This one topped them all by quite a bit.

Continue reading Udaipur – 007 anyone?

Jodhpur – the blue city


Jodhpur is called the blue city of India. We visited the Mehrangarh Fort and viewed the “blueness” of the city – houses were painted this color to mark the houses of the Brahmans or the upper caste in Indian society. (sidenote – it’s interesting how we’ve gone through different ways of prejudice from South Africa to India but how similar they are in many ways).

Continue reading Jodhpur – the blue city

Jaiselmer – the golden desert city


We officially reached the desert as we entered Jaisalmer or the “golden city” in the far west of Rajasthan. This, other than my Delhi belly episode, ended up being one of my favorite spots on our tour.

Continue reading Jaiselmer – the golden desert city

Bikaner, India


Our trip to Bikaner included a trip to the city palace (amazing blue paintings) and a stop by another fort in the lake. We also had the pleasure of staying in a palace with very good butter chicken.


Jaipur – The Pink City


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan and the “pink city” (the old city was painted pink, the color of hospitality, in 1876 by Maharaja Ram Singh to welcome the Prince of Wales), proved to be a good stop for the Indian tour. Continue reading Jaipur – The Pink City

Agra and the Taj


The Taj Mahal really is somewhere everyone should have the chance to visit. It’s simply one of the wonders of the world and is exquisite in every way. Continue reading Agra and the Taj

Arriving in India – Delhi part 1


Our India experience started with flying into Delhi not having a hotel or anything booked at 7:30 in the evening – either we’re adventurous or stupid! All the horror stories you hear as a traveler about India, flying into the city I admit I was pretty nervous. Continue reading Arriving in India – Delhi part 1

Things I learned in Hong Kong

Here’s a few things that I learned in Hong Kong:

  1. Most importantly – When you order spicy soup and there’s 9 different choices ranging from no spice to spice – 9 CHOICES MIND YOU – start off with at least 3 choices less than you think you ought. I started with medium. The waitress in very broken English said, “it’s hot”. My initial thought was, “usually I’m a hot to medium hot guy at the least but taking her consideration I changed to “Little medium spicy”. I received my soup and couldn’t even finish it. I usually sweat both when I eat soup and something spicy and Erinn was laughing incredibly hard because I was dripping with sweat. Lesson learned and this was choice 4 out of 9. I have to ask – WHO ORDERS “Very Super Spicy” which was right after “Super Spicy”!!! Continue reading Things I learned in Hong Kong

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, or KNP, has to be one of the most amazing self-catered self-tours anyone can do with wildlife. While our time in Mkuzi park earlier in the visit was amazing in a different way, KNP is amazing in that anyone can do this with a simple rental car in a very affordable way – not the case in most private reserves which cost anywhere from $300-1000 (for the lower class!) per night.

Continue reading Kruger National Park