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The Birth of Our Round-the-world Trip

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

Well, as you can suspect this is the first post to our first blog for our first trip around the world. Erinn and I have thought about this adventure for some time now and it’s finally becoming more of a reality. We’re leaving in just over 6 months!!

It’s funny to start writing about something that is so unclear at this point. What we do know is that we’re planning to be out of the country for around 9 months and away from Seattle and our home and community for 10+ months. We are both leaving our jobs, at least temporarily, and setting out to see what will become. It’s funny because I truly believe the hardest part of the trip is now past us – deciding to do it.

As for this site: We hope it will be a way for those who are interested to get a glimpse through our words, pictures, and videos of our preparation, our journey, and the days of our return and resettling. We also would love your comments and ideas. We’re still working on this site and how it will be set up, but for now enjoy and we look forward to sharing and meeting those of you we have yet to meet ; )


Our Itinerary includes: (Red line are first destinations Blue lines are the 2nd half)


  • nate

    yahoo! i can hardly wait to see and hear how the journey unfolds.
    you are two wonderful and brave souls, indeed, to risk so boldly.
    i look forward to discovering how you will be changed by the many anticipated and unknown births.

  • TnDad

    Hey Kids,
    Your blog is our first step on your journey. . .and it is an emotional one. Our heartstrings of love, pride, Faith, envy, joy, excitement, wonderment, apprehension, confidence, and anticipation were plucked. This is a beautiful site along with your photography. May your preparations continue to go smoothly. We love you! TnDad

  • maryhawk

    This looks incredible. I can't tell if you are on your trip or on your way, but needless to say, I hope it's grand and humbling and beautifful and so many other things. I couldn't quite make out the itinerary – where are you going? Jonas and I both traveled a lot (nepal, india, indo, thai, uzbekistan, borneo, australia…i was living in malaysia at the time) about two years before we met each other…each alone. we've thought/dreamt of how different it would be if we did that togther. maybe someday. cheers to ya. i am excited excited excited for you.

  • ourlifewalkabout

    We leave in August… which reminds me I need to get a tentative itinerary page going. Thanks for the comment and any contacts you have in these countries would be wonderful ; )

  • Katherine B.

    Woohooo! I'm so excited for you both. Thanks for setting up this great website…I”m looking forward to reading all your adventures!

  • Christine

    I am very excited to have found your blog. It appears as though you two are taking a very similar approach to a trip that my husband and I are planning to begin in the next year (although you will be leaving before us so we get to learn from your mistakes! ;)). We started our planning with the book you are holding in the picture above, your entry on cameras reads like it is my husband talking (down to the types of cameras, I am another yes vote for the xti), and you are going through a lot of the same thought processes, excitements, worries that I have been enduring as well. I look forward to following!

  • http://www.fmy401k.com/ G

    Woohoo!! So glad to have found this site, what an amazing itinerary! Let's be in touch!! We leave in August too! :)