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Pre-trip, trip, post-trip: Ideas around our RTW journey

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

I was talking to a colleague this weekend at a conference about her RTW trip experience she had with her husband. They were in their early 40’s and spent 3 yrs. in 3rd world countries. She was excited about our […]

Ourlifewalkabout announcement and a sample of what’s on my mind…

It’s been too long since the last post and unfortunately I’ve spent too much time lately working on the website structure instead of doing what it’s purposed for… communicating with all of you! Some of you may be reading this after my email officially announcing Ourlifewalkabout after my adventure with gmail trying to send a […]

RTW Tickets Confirmed!!

In the words of Morpheus (Matrix), “Welcome to the Real”. In the words of Jayme and Erinn “WHOOHOOO!” Our trip feels much more official as we just received confirmation of our RTW tickets. Yes we’ve done a lot of preparation already, but none of it entailed the commitment of deciding on an itinerary backed by […]

Which camera to take on RTW?

Well, this is probably a blog site in and of itself especially for all the techies and photographers like myself. While I’m not completely sure of all the things I will be taking I have a pretty good idea at this point. Eventually I will be creating a “gear” page listing all of the gear […]

Flyertalk and RTW Tickets… how to get a RTW ticket CHEAPER!

Well today officially hit about the 6 month to leave date on the calendar and things are ramping up. There are tons of details to plan with a trip of this magnitude and we are excited, overwhelmed, and somewhat anxious about all of it. The RTW (round the world) tickets are close to being purchased […]