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Ourlifewalkabout announcement and a sample of what’s on my mind…

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

It’s been too long since the last post and unfortunately I’ve spent too much time lately working on the website structure instead of doing what it’s purposed for… communicating with all of you! Some of you may be reading this after my email officially announcing Ourlifewalkabout after my adventure with gmail trying to send a “mass” email that kept being labeled as spam (like I would spam anyone!). I thought for this post I would simply share a sample of what’s on my mind for this trip

  • Finding a house renter
  • packing our house up if need be
  • selling our car
  • health insurance
  • trip insurance
  • pack weight which is directionally proportionate to how much electronic gear we take at least for me ; )
  • whether we should get Japanese Encephalitis shots along with our Hep A & B, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Rabies etc… for those of you that don’t know Vaccination shots are EXPENSIVE and Jap Enc is $500 per person!
  • my health and my wife’s health – along with everything we need to be training
  • Having money in order – saving, credit cards, bank accounts, foreign transaction fees, bills.
  • Eye doctor, dentist, and physical appointments
  • Looking for tickets to S. Africa
  • Having a cool blog!
  • Writing something interesting on the cool blog!
  • Researching countries
  • Developing contacts with help from people who know people where we’re going – if you know someone please let us know
  • Ending my job/Finding someone to take over my office lease
  • Enjoying the process of this pre-trip
  • Wondering philosophically and spiritually about purpose of what we’re doing
  • Trying not to lose touch with friends and family
  • Anticipating, hoping, and trying to be realistic about the unknown