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Which camera to take on RTW?

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

Well, this is probably a blog site in and of itself especially for all the techies and photographers like myself. While I’m not completely sure of all the things I will be taking I have a pretty good idea at this point.  Eventually I will be creating a “gear” page listing all of the gear being taken, but for now, because this is “in process” I’ll start with ideas. Erinn has a P&S Canon 1100IS which will work just fine as a quick all around camera. The big question for me was DSLR or not??? Big cons taking my Canon XTi are size, weight, and fragility. Big cons of not taking it – WE’RE TRAVELING THE WORLD AND I’M NOT TAKING MY CAMERA!!! I looked at a Canon G10 option and I may still get one for a “spare” but eventually I thought about going on an African safari and having a little 5x zoom or not being able to take RAW and decided I needed to take it… still open to thoughts and comments. Next, of course, are what lenses. I’m probably going to go with a Sigma 17-70, Canon 70-300IS, and Canon 50 1.8. This gives me a wide spectrum as well as low light abilities (50 1.8).  Then there’s the question of memory and backing up photos – wouldn’t it be fun to take that one-in-a-lifetime sunset photo at Ankor Wat only to have it be stolen or lost on a defective card, hard drive or CD. At this point I’ve gone w/ several options for memory/backup.

  1. 1) Loading up on memory cards (thanks Sansdisk rebates! – hint: buy at Abe’s of Maine for best deal) and USB memory sticks.
  2. 2)Buying a Vosonic Multimedia Storage device – great option for both replacing my old ipod and picture backup w/ 250GB of storage.
  3. 3) We’re already planning on taking a netbook w/ 160GB of storage (more on this in a later post)

This gives me a double possibly triple backup option (yes I’m a little paranoid!). I plan on downloading to the Vosonic as well as the netbook and then also keeping some important things on the memory sticks and online. I may also make some DVD’s at internet cafes when able. We may have some visitors coming to see us at different points (you know who you are !) that may be going home with some backups! Then there’s the question of downloading. I already have a zenfolio site which I like but it would take countless hours I afraid to download on a slower connection. My guess is I’ll do flickr w/ those really important photos I want to post and deal with the rest later. Any thoughts?

  • http://everything-everywhere.com Gary Arndt

    Here are my suggestions based on 2 years of traveling:

    1) Take the SLR. There is no point in having one if you aren't going to use it when you will be visiting some of the most amazing places you'll see in your life.

    2) I carry 2 300gb USB hard drives. I mirror both of them so if one is damaged or lost, I still have the other one. 300gb should be enough for most of your trip.

    3) Only upload the best photos. You will find bandwidth difficult in some places. I personally backup and save everything I shoot so I can always go back and go over them in Photoshop if I want.

    4) I carry 2 lenses. A 12-24mm Nikon and an 18-200 VR Nikon lens. The 18-200 covers most everything and the 12-24 is nice for doing big landscape or building shots. I also used the 12-24 for underwater photography.

  • ourlifewalkabout

    Thanks for the advice… yeah as you can see on the post I would feel bad not taking the camera. I'm planning on back up several ways – I have a Vosonic 250 GB pic/media player and I will also back up on my netbook. I'll probably w/ your advice also get another USB hard drive.

  • Susan Hall

    I know you don't need one more thing to bring, but if you have room for a groovy little lens, you might like the invention of one of my friends: Lensbaby (see http://www.lensbaby.com/shop/).

  • Susan Hall

    I know you don't need one more thing to bring, but if you have room for a groovy little lens, you might like the invention of one of my friends: Lensbaby (see http://www.lensbaby.com/shop/).