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Travel Gear Report: The Steripen and Pacsafe Daysafe 100

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

I’m hoping to post some regular updates about the travel gear we’re researching and purchasing for our trip. I chose the Steripen and the Pacsafe Daysafe 100 backpack to review first because they are unique items that Erinn and I […]

Planning a round the world trip: How did you decide to travel?

I’ve had several people ask questions lately about how we planned our travel around the world. I also remember being a “planner” (still am) and reading many travel blogs that gave some quick examples of tips and ways to go about it. With this post I want to start to map out a bit of […]

Scams and ways of dealing with touts.

Everywhere I read about India, I also read about its infamous touting (con-artists who advertise themselves as tour guides) and scams to watch out for. Some examples include:


Thoughts on a global travel community and a request for contacts

Erinn and I have met with several friends over the past few weeks and in sharing our plans for the trip we have been amazed at how small the world seems. It seems everyone we meet has some contact in one of our destinations or knows of someone we should talk to who may have […]

Climbing Mount Rainier with Dave Hahn

I thought I’d share a story I wrote recently about climbing Mount Rainier with world-renowned climber/guide Dave Hahn (Everest 10 times and counting!)

As most of you know, my good friend Nathan and I just finished summiting Mount Rainier this past weekend. In reflecting on the experience I realized a few things about myself and […]