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Thoughts on a global travel community and a request for contacts

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

Erinn and I have met with several friends over the past few weeks and in sharing our plans for the trip we have been amazed at how small the world seems. It seems everyone we meet has some contact in one of our destinations or knows of someone we should talk to who may have friends or family there.

Our Global Family

Just last night we met with a couple who graciously shared family contacts and ideas about our stop in South Africa. It suddenly seemed like the country will not be as “foreign” knowing that we have some connection – even if it is people we’ve never met. It’s reminded me of an aspect of travel that sometimes gets lost in the excitement of seeing a new place or wonder of nature: meeting new people. Sure I’m excited about possibly seeing lions, hippos, and wildebeest or hiking in the himalayas and snatching a peek (on a peak!) of the highest spot on the planet or visiting ancient temples in India and Cambodia or learning how to dive in Thailand, but I also am looking forward to meeting the people of our trip which no doubt will be as varied and glorious as all of the “sights”. I excitedly await meeting the “uncle” who has a surf ministry for kids in the top surfing spot in South Africa, the friend of a friend who works with kids in Capetown, the tuk tuk driver in Cambodia, the other couple who’s traveling the world, the Nepalese trek guide and porter, or even the random friendly person on the street who suggests a can’t miss location.  I am struck by the feeling of global community I already feel and I haven’t even left my home! I believe for both of us this will be a vital part of our comfort and importance of the trip. Even more I believe we all have a common bond and calling to impact each other in love which may be hard to keep in mind at points in our journey across the planet. These are the times where it will be invaluable to have the sense of  familiarity that these people will provide. In some way, even a friend of a friend of a friend provides a reminder of community.

A Request for Community Both Old and New

At this point, I will make a request for the help of you our reader with any contacts you may have for people in our intended destinations (or even nearby). Please send us an email or comment on this site with anybody you think might be someone we would enjoy or would enjoy us!  As we plan and embark, I’m noticing how good it is to hear from others and my hope is this site and the updates we write will be a reminder to all of you how important your thoughts and encouragement is to us. We hope to take our established community with us as we develop a new global one as well!