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Musician traveling the world for tips?!

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Some of you may know that in my previous life I was a musician – I should correct this and say I was a musician trying to make a living playing music. Now I’m a musician enjoying music! While I’m dying to travel the world, probably the hardest part of leaving will be leaving my saxophone and not playing it for many months. Erinn was looking through Skymall a few months ago on a flight (what else do you do but look at the epitome of our crazy consumerism call “Skymall”!) and had the idea I should get a “pocket saxophone” which was advertised. The more I thought about it and did a little research, I decided to give the Xaphoon or “bamboo saxophone” a try even though I imagined a crazy out of tune recorder with a reed on it. Well, I have to say the crazy out of tune recorder idea is pretty accurate so far (then again when I started clarinet it was pretty bad as well ; ) if nothing else it’s a good travel gimmick a probably a way to meet some people and maybe even earn a dinner or two by dropping my hat! It has about a two octave range and is chromatic (for all you musicians out there) and weighs in at around 7 oz. – good for backpacking. I’m posting a couple of pictures as well as my video of attempting to play although I’m just learning…

The video of "Summertime":

  • http://www.olympus-tours.com Cancun

    Hi. Can you get enough money for to travel, only with tips? Congratulations. The art and artists deserves everything. I went to Cancun for playing only for tips, and was one of the best trips.

  • http://www.olympus-tours.com Cancun

    Hey. Good luck with the music. Have you planed come to play in Cancun, Mexico?