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Agra and the Taj

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The Taj Mahal really is somewhere everyone should have the chance to visit. It’s simply one of the wonders of the world and is exquisite in every way. The marble work (which we learned about at a marble store after which was “the pitch”) was done by Persians working with white marble and many precious stones, some of which light up when light is shined on them. The marble is also translucent which means the Taj takes on different looks with different light and times of day. The marble is still repaired today by the 12th generation of these marble workers and produce tourist goods to keep up their skills. The process is amazing and gives you a sense of what the 20,000 “volunteers” did for 22 years. We were able to visit the Taj twice – once at sunset and then the following morning for sunrise. Because we were almost the first in line in the morning, we were able to get some amazing pics without all the people and spend more time because we had the “guided tour” the night before. Other than Erinn and I losing each other for a time this was our highlight of India.

Interesting tidbit: Did you know it is thought Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had plans to make a second black Taj to mirror the white Taj but was imprisoned by his own son before he could start the process.

We don’t yet have the Delhi Belly – hopefully this continues! (Unfortunately this did not hold true – I knew when I wrote this I was hexing myself)

Here are the pics:

  • http://www.chatthailand.com/ kabirul

    Emperor Shahjahan's creation Tajmahal.