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Jodhpur – the blue city

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Jodhpur is called the blue city of India. We visited the Mehrangarh Fort and viewed the “blueness” of the city – houses were painted this color to mark the houses of the Brahmans or the upper caste in Indian society. (sidenote – it’s interesting how we’ve gone through different ways of prejudice from South Africa to India but how similar they are in many ways).

This was one of my favorite views from a fort, probably both because blue is my favorite color and also the magnificence of the city and the ridge upon which the fort lies. I did have what has become a common experience while at the fort – teenagers laughing at me. It’s kind of odd but I’m sure a bald white man sometimes wearing a goofy looking safari hat would have made me laugh and point at that age as well!

While in Jodhpur we also visited the Umaid Bhawan Palace which is one of the most impressive and later palaces built by a Maharaja. The palace was built as a relief effort from a drought that was occurring at the time in order to supply jobs to the area. The palace is now divided into a museum, royal housing, and a hotel in which the elite come to stay.

While in Jodhpur we also ate at one of the better restaurants we had in India called On The Rocks. Odd to see Indian women wearing jeans and walking into the nightclub associated with the restaurant to 70s and 80s American music – I guess we’ve been in India for a bit…