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Kruger National Park

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

Kruger National Park, or KNP, has to be one of the most amazing self-catered self-tours anyone can do with wildlife. While our time in Mkuzi park earlier in the visit was amazing in a different way, KNP is amazing in that anyone can do this with a simple rental car in a very affordable way – not the case in most private reserves which cost anywhere from $300-1000 (for the lower class!) per night.

Erinn and I were always amazed that we could see so much wildlife simply from a road in our car. This included all the “Big 5” lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo, as well as cheetah, eagles, hawks, hippos, mongoose, tortoise, lizards, vultures, giraffes, and amazing birds of every size and color (not to mention the trees and vegetation). We also experienced several drives that KNP puts on at every camp – a morning, sunset, and night drive as well as a “bush walk” (highly recommended) where you go out with two armed rangers into the bush. The walk is such a change because you feel much more a part of the surroundings – the smells, sounds, touch, and sights are all very different and much more evident. There are several camps that one can drive to and stay throughout this huge park. We stayed in 4 different camps (mainly because when I booked four months in advance almost everything was booked b/c of a holiday week in SA). Each is different and enjoyable. Driving between them can be long – due to the viewing and the 50 km/hr speed limit (they do monitor this : ) Overall KNP is highly recommended especially for those that want to experience a relatively low cost safari. Now for my favorite part – the part that speaks much more than words – the PICS!!

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