October 2009
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Ranakpur – our favorite Indian place??

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20091023 20091023 img 8129 Ranakpur   our favorite Indian place??

After a brief scare in which our driver thought he had left his phone in Udaipur, we arrived at probably our favorite place in India – unfortunately only for a night. The hotel in Ranakpur was set in the forest with little quaint bungalows, very laid back and in nature.

Next was the best meal we had in India and possibly the whole trip – fried chicken and French fries. Yes you heard me right, after all the sickness and fear of more Indian spice and food this was like having a PB&J on top of the mountain after a hike – not the best food you could have, but the best food at that particular time.

Best meal in India??

Best meal in India??

After lunch, we visited a remarkable famous Jain temple near the village. We even had a free entertainment show at the temple put on by the local troop of monkeys. Two of the males got a little frisky and started chasing each other towards people and even jumping on top of cars, one of which had some frightened tourist aboard. For sunset we were driven up to a little hideaway overlooking a dammed (not damned) reservoir. A dam good Indian day… I know enough with the cheap dam jokes.

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