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Pushkar, India – the camel festival and somethings gone missing

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One entry in the "World's most beautiful camel" contest

Pushkar was our final destination in India for the famous camel festival. No cars are allowed in the town proper so […]

Ranthanbore, India – Our quest for tigers

Will we see the owner of this???

We set off in search of tigers in Ranthanbore. After having been in South Africa I figured we needed to see tigers to go with our lions, elephants, etc! We had met an Englishman previously that had said […]

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, or KNP, has to be one of the most amazing self-catered self-tours anyone can do with wildlife. While our time in Mkuzi park earlier in the visit was amazing in a different way, KNP is amazing in that anyone can do this with a simple rental car […]

A demanded post – Shark cage diving!

This is especially for my nephews who have wanted to hear and see about our Great White Shark cage diving tour in Gansbaai. I knew I had to do this when we came to S Africa because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We’ve all probably seen portions of “shark week” or something […]

Mkuzi Munyawana Game Reserve

While in S. Africa we were able to stay at a friend of a friend’s game farm (thanks Ali and Steve!) in Eastern South Africa. Mkuzi game reserve borders another famous reserve Phinda and several years ago both reserves negotiated to “drop fences” between the two reserves. The gracious man […]

Elephant Plains in Sabi Sands

Erinn and were lucky enough to spend one night in a private game reserve called Sabi Sands right outside of Kruger National Park (there actually isn’t a fence between the parks). While the price isn’t cheap the reward was being able to see leopards and a pride of lions feeding on a dead elephant up […]