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Things I learned in Hong Kong

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

Here’s a few things that I learned in Hong Kong:

Most importantly – When you order spicy soup and there’s […]

Mkuzi Munyawana Game Reserve

While in S. Africa we were able to stay at a friend of a friend’s game farm (thanks Ali and Steve!) in Eastern South Africa. Mkuzi game reserve borders another famous reserve Phinda and several years ago both reserves negotiated to “drop fences” between the two reserves. The gracious man […]

First day in South Africa – Apartheid Museum

“Humanity was born in Africa. All people ultimately, are African.”

“The cell is an ideal place to know yourself. People tend to measure themselves by external accomplishment, but jail allows a person to focus on internal ones, such as honesty, sincerity, simplicity, humility, generosity and an absence […]

Musician traveling the world for tips?!

Some of you may know that in my previous life I was a musician – I should correct this and say I was a musician trying to make a living playing music. Now I’m a musician enjoying music! While I’m dying to travel the world, probably the hardest part of leaving will be leaving my […]

Things I’m going to miss…

I realize it’s been a long time since my last post. April brought a lot of change to my life including the death of my loved mother. It’s brought a new perspective to life and our trip. I’m still excited but also realizing that as I get ready to leave I’m more acquainted with loss. […]

Travel Visas

I’m getting ready to send our Indian Travel Visa Applications in tomorrow for our 6 month visas. For those of you interested in finding out visa requirements on any country you want to visit please click here.


South Africa Tickets Purchased!!!

We’re all ready when it comes to airline tickets as I just purchased our tickets to South Africa… with miles! The recent merger between Northwest and Delta was especially kind as these were the two airlines on which I most frequently travel which meant I had quite a few miles. I was able to purchase […]

Travel Gear Report: The Steripen and Pacsafe Daysafe 100

I’m hoping to post some regular updates about the travel gear we’re researching and purchasing for our trip. I chose the Steripen and the Pacsafe Daysafe 100 backpack to review first because they are unique items that Erinn and I think will really make travel easier and items that a lot of people don’t know […]

Planning a round the world trip: How did you decide to travel?

I’ve had several people ask questions lately about how we planned our travel around the world. I also remember being a “planner” (still am) and reading many travel blogs that gave some quick examples of tips and ways to go about it. With this post I want to start to map out a bit of […]

Scams and ways of dealing with touts.

Everywhere I read about India, I also read about its infamous touting (con-artists who advertise themselves as tour guides) and scams to watch out for. Some examples include:


Thoughts on a global travel community and a request for contacts

Erinn and I have met with several friends over the past few weeks and in sharing our plans for the trip we have been amazed at how small the world seems. It seems everyone we meet has some contact in one of our destinations or knows of someone we should talk to who may have […]

Pre-trip, trip, post-trip: Ideas around our RTW journey

I was talking to a colleague this weekend at a conference about her RTW trip experience she had with her husband. They were in their early 40’s and spent 3 yrs. in 3rd world countries. She was excited about our plans and had many stories about her time in Nepal where she volunteered for 6 […]

Ourlifewalkabout announcement and a sample of what’s on my mind…

It’s been too long since the last post and unfortunately I’ve spent too much time lately working on the website structure instead of doing what it’s purposed for… communicating with all of you! Some of you may be reading this after my email officially announcing Ourlifewalkabout after my adventure with gmail trying to send a […]

RTW Tickets Confirmed!!

In the words of Morpheus (Matrix), “Welcome to the Real”. In the words of Jayme and Erinn “WHOOHOOO!” Our trip feels much more official as we just received confirmation of our RTW tickets. Yes we’ve done a lot of preparation already, but none of it entailed the commitment of deciding on an itinerary backed by […]

Which camera to take on RTW?

Well, this is probably a blog site in and of itself especially for all the techies and photographers like myself. While I’m not completely sure of all the things I will be taking I have a pretty good idea at this point. Eventually I will be creating a “gear” page listing all of the gear […]