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Useful Links

Thank you for browsing our website! We hope to have you follow us through our journey.

Here’s our page of useful links to help those of you wanting to plan your own trip or simply explore how we planned ours!

Other Travel Blogs

www.twinf.com – One of our favs partly because Lee and Sachi are great people and fellow Seattlites. Check out their vids and pics…

www.wherethehellismatt.com – yet another Seattle person with a knack for getting sponsored trips!! Gotta watch his video – inspiring

everything-everywhere.com – visit Gary Arnt (another Seattlite… something in the water??) on his 2 yr (and counting) trip.

www.soultravelers3.com – think you can’t travel with kids??

www.sixintheworld.com – even bigger family!

Facts, Info, and Planning

CIA World Factbook – yes the government does provide some good information

State Department – Visas, travel advisories, and more

Lonely Planet – Checkout the country info – good start to get a feel for each country of the world, also the best guidebooks electronic or book.

Flyertalk – this site alone saved us thousands – literally.

Flyertalk Bank ATM Credit Card Fees – again from the wonderful people at flyertalk – want to know the best credit card, bank, for foreign fees??

Trip Advisor – great “electronic” guidebook with very helpful people… never leave home without it.

Electric Plug guide

www.farecompare.com – track fares so you get the best price

One World – American’s alliance where you can buy a RTW ticket either based on mileage or continent.

One World Planner – want to plan your RTW ticket interactively and even book online? Fun just to experiment with as well.

www.photoseek.com – Tom Dempsey gives a wealth of info on travel photography.

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